How We Produce Podcast Show Notes

For our latest podcast episode about The Cloud, I had the mad idea to take our intense show notes and make them extremely detailed. In addition to creating a list of links that tie into what we are referencing, I was going to add a timestamp with the exact point in time that the reference occurred. After all is said and done, I’m unsure if it was worth the 3 hours that it took — but here’s the setup I used to do it efficiently.

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We Need a Favor From You…

Hello. Sean here.

Sean lives in a green jellybean.

Sean lives in a green jellybean.

How are your end of the year shenanigans going? Good? Good.

And us? Well — thanks for asking.

We’re turning out to have a nice stockpile of material to avoid becoming one of those podcasts that only has a few episodes, and then joins the island of the misfit shows.

Since this is our first endeavor into the world of audio entertainment, we need some help to figure out the best way to get the word out.

But, before we can do that there’s a problem — not everyone knows what a podcast is. Mary does, but not everyone is as hip as her.

We’d be super grateful if you could answer the questions below. It will take less than five minutes.
If you’re interested in helping us, it’d be awesome if you could do this within the next five days.